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It’s time to partner with an industry specialist



Find Your


It's time to promote yourself.

You’ve done well, but your current employer can’t give you a raise right now. You’re ready to take on more responsibility, but that position you want won’t open any time soon. It’s time to promote yourself.

J. Benjamin Recruitment can help.


Your own personal

Talent Agent

What do the world’s greatest athletes, musicians, and entertainers all have in common?

They all use talent agents to get access to all of the best opportunities...

Maybe you’re not the world’s greatest athlete, but you’re great at your job. You've worked hard and are ready for the next challenge.  But what if your next step isn't with your current employer?  You don’t have the time to search for a promotion and juggle your current job.  That’s where I can help. I represent top talent to help them land their dream position. I’ve helped an assortment of professionals promote themselves, from blossoming associates to longstanding executives.

Morning Paper

Candidate-First Approach

You are one phone call and one meeting away from having a personal recruiter that can confidently represent you in the job market.  I take the time to learn about the challenges you've faced and the successes you've made to accurately represent you to the industry's top employers; and I do it all completely anonymously.  I don’t use your name, your company’s name, or other identifying traits.  I use your experience alone to help you land that first crucial interview. From there you and I navigate the interview process together.  I represent you first to ensure the best outcome for everyone.


Ben has demonstrated strong performance and professionalism with every interaction.

GM of Business Development

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